Well there you have it. An abridged portfolio of my work. It’s pretty varied and I think it represents a fair look at where I am now and where I’ve come from. I’m happy with everything I’ve stuck up here but I definitely think there’s been an improvement in my writing over the last few years.

I’ll now be updating this blog with regular thoughts on pieces in the news, album and film reviews, comment pieces on issues of the day, and also the odd post about me and how I’m getting on in my search for work. There’s a poll on the sidebar somewhere if you have a particular urge for one type of post more than another, so go and vote. Otherwise the racists will get in. Or something.

I’ll also be trying in future to get some pics and or video into posts to make it a bit more visually stimulating. Because let’s face it, it’s not very exciting to look at right now.

But I reckon I’ve earned some crap food and a couple of hours in front of the box for now.