Gloomy post alert.

Journalism has been in the news of late after Alan Milburn’s controversial report into the growing class divide in University education. Today Roy Greenslade offered his thoughts on his Guardian blog, and it makes fascinating reading.

Basically, unless you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, or have a virtually bottomless pit of money available, you have very little chance of making it onto a national newspaper.

The facts are thus:

-Working class graduates are priced out of Masters courses because of lack of funding available and high fees.

-Working class graduates can’t afford to move to London without guaranteed work.

-Working class graduates can’t afford to work for free, therefore denying them a crucial ‘in’ to the industry.

It’s not a pretty picture I’m painting, because the landscape for the likes of me and my classmates of ’09 is bleak and the future ahead is depressing.