As part of my new ‘job’ as Burnley correspondent for Fanzone, I answered the following questions…

What is the feeling among the fans for the forthcoming season?
Bullish. We know the odds are massively stacked against us but the cup runs last season show that we are capable of beating Premier League teams if we play to our best.

What is the best you can realistically hope for?
Doing a Stoke (although our football will almost certainly be more pleasing on the eye). If we can make Turf Moor a fortress we have a chance of survival. But even thinking positively, 17th would be a massive achievement.

And the worst?
Breaking Derby’s lowest points record. A poor start could destroy all confidence from the promotion, but on the flip side a couple of good results early on could set us up nicely.

What have you made of the arrivals and departures over the summer?
I’m glad we haven’t spent a fortune on players that will want to leave in a year, but there’s no getting away from the fact that out of five signings three are full-backs and we haven’t bought anyone really exciting yet. But if Guerrero does sign he’ll be the unknown quantity that will get the heart racing.

Who will be your key player and why?
Steven Fletcher. We scored plenty of goals last season but the Premier League is a different animal. If Fletcher can have a successful debut season in England and notch maybe twelve league goals we can stay up.

Is there a young player or a new face we can expect to make a name for himself this year?
Hopefully Kevin McDonald will resolve his fitness problems. He’s a very strong lad with an eye for a pass and looks to have all the attributes to step up and assert himself in our midfield.

If you could give the team talk before the season’s first game, what would you say?
Just enjoy it. All we can do is make the most of our season in the spotlight and try our best. And don’t give silly goals away.