They’ve been together and then apart more often than Kerry Katona and whatever her bloke’s name is, and today reports suggest that the Verve, for a third and probably final time, has split.

Guitarist Nick McCabe, with whom singer Richard Ashcroft always had a rocky relationship, wrote on his MySpace back in April that as far as he knew the band were on a permanent holiday.

And now the Sunday Mirror, as reported in the Guardian, claims to have a source suggesting that McCabe and bassist Simon Jones thought Ashcroft used the reunion in 2007 to get his solo career going again. Since no new Ashcroft material has surfaced this year, that appears unlikely. The pair have now launched a new band together called the Black Ships.

“As far as Nick and Simon are concerned the Verve no longer exists,” the source said. Apparently. “They think Richard was just using the reunion as a vehicle to get his solo career on track.”

But it does seem that the Verve are no more – and this time it looks like it’s for good.

This article was for The Music Magazine.