Calvin Harris: Ready for the Weekend

Nobody can deny Calvin Harris’ hit-making, floor-filling credentials. Unfortunately, it’s always been the case that the public buys rubbish music in vast quantities and this seems to be more of the same. There’s none of the urban edge of Dance Wiv Me, none of the shiny gloss of I’m Not Alone, none of the all out disco charm of The Girls. This is just dross, re-hashed 80s-lite garbage.

Dolly Rockers: Gold Digger

I must admit to being a bit lost about the point of Dolly Rockers. The girl group market is already saturated beyond belief, with Sugababes fading and the Saturdays coming in to replace Girls Aloud. This is trashy, with the worst lyrics of the year so far. None of them seem to be able to sing. It’s chav-pop, and I don’t like it. Annoyingly though, it does make you groove a bit.

Florence Rawlings: Hard To Get

This is the best track of this week’s package (although this doesn’t say much). It’s a smooth slice of sultry jazz, with talented youngster Florence upstaging that ‘kooky’ idiot Welch woman of the same name with ease. This is the sort of thing that Amy Winehouse could and should have been doing instead of huge amounts of drugs. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Fray: Heartless

OK – So let’s get the obvious pun out of the way shall we? The Fray make big empty music for people with big empty lives and souls. It’s very definitely heartless, it’s pointless, and it has the emotional range of a radiator. Anyone that gets taken in by this bilge needs taking outside and giving a firm talking to, and possibly getting slapped out of it. The most stupid self-definition of a title since Kaiser Chiefs gave us all a giggle with Everything is Average Nowadays. The site editor informs me it’s a Kanye West cover. Disbelievingly I checked it out – Kanye’s version is marginally less shit.

Black Lips feat Faris Rotter: Drugs

And here’s another. You’d have to be on drugs to enjoy this. Hur hur hur. It’s sub-Libertines ramshackle rock ‘n’ roll, with that dude from the Horrors apparently making a guest appearance although I couldn’t hear him in the few listens I managed before wanting to hack my own ears off.

Decide for yourself by watching the videos for the singles at The Music Magazine.