As far as I’m aware, Passion Pit are not yet monumentally massive. And on this latest single offering, I can’t quite fathom out why.

‘To Kingdom Come’ has everything a hit record should have. It’s head-noddingly jaunty, memorable, well put together with some decent hooks and it even has some Ronsonesque brass towards the end. It seems like exactly the sort of track Radio 1 would fall over itself to play every half an hour.

Bit something just doesn’t sit right. The vocals from Michael Angelakos are annoyingly high, while repeat listens just turn the track into a tuneless dirge in the background. It’s all a bit Hoosiers, too Scouting for Girls, too try-hard to be properly joyous and carefree.

In fact, it feels formulaic more than anything, almost as if Angelakos and co sat down with a spreadsheet working out the ideal ingredients for a popular song. It’s a shame – the band clearly have talent – but this track is just too sugary for my tastebuds.

This review was written for Muso’s Guide.