Californian Greg Griffin has missed the boat with his Lofty Heights project somewhat. Debut single ‘Eye Contact’ is a golden slice of summery folk-pop, but with September rumbling on, summer’s time has gone.

It’s unfortunately scheduled, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the feel-good tracks of the year. Griffin’s vocals are honeyed and sweet without being sickly, and the “weeeee-wooooooo” backing noises don’t get irritating, as you might expect them to.

‘Eye Contact’ clocks in just over the three minute mark, pretty much perfect length for a short, sharp pop song, but you can’t help but wonder if the track’s appeal might become dimmed as the nights draw in and the days are filled with drizzle.

It would be a shame though. ‘Eye Contact’ is a glorious start, and Griffin is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

This review was written for Muso’s Guide.