Johnny Foreigner had their lead microphone nicked mid-gig at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club last night (15 October) – and they want it back.

The band are playing a free show in the city in December to make up for the subsequent sound issues after the theft.

Some cheeky sod wrenched the Shure ms58 bit of kit from singer Alexei as he crowdsurfed at the gig, and then legged it from the venue. The gig had previously been delayed as a result of sound gremlins.

Alexei today had this to say (unedited from the press release; excuse the punctuation): “Hi, yesterday was the most YAY!!!/NO!! off our most YAY!!/NO!! tour yet. Parking tickets and powercuts and our guitars/amps/shoes falling apart, that was a point at the end of the show where I was floating around on my back in the top of the audience with a big dumb smile realising that all this is probably worth it.

“And then someone robbed my microphone and sort of tarnished the evening. Im sick of whining musicians so I’ll not dwell on us being another 100 quid down, but the sentimental value of that sm58 to the person who trustingly lent it to me isn’t something we can replace by jacking up shirt prices or not eating for a couple of days. If you know our band, then you’ll know which we’d sooner do, and the love in the room last night was proof to us that we’re justified in skinting ourselves to do this band.”

The kit was lent to the Birmingham trio by their sound man and tour manager Francis. It was a family gift to him and is therefore of sentimental value as well as monetary.

The band would like anyone with information about the missing mic to please email or

This article was written for TMM.