Attempting to catapult up the charts is the latest prime cut from Victoria Hesketh’s debut record as Little Boots, Hands. It’s not quite up to the highs set by the brilliance of the dancefloor-slaying ‘Remedy’ but it’s getting there, a tremendous break down before the final chorus making it perfect for daytime radio.

In truth, it’s not that different from her previous singles, but why change a winning formula? ‘Earthquake’ seems set to secure Little Boots as 2009’s premier electo-pop poppet, pipping La Roux on the line. Success may have been as slow to build for Hesketh as it was comparatively immediate for Elly Jackson, but as they say, slowly slowly, catchee monkey.

Hesketh may not have been the smash hit everyone was expecting at the start of the year (she completely dominated the ubiquitous Sound of 2009 industry polls), but her popularity, and perhaps crucially, credibility, has grown steadily throughout the year, leaving her in an excellent position going into album number two. Leaving the averagely average pop-rockers Dead Disco was a very, very good move for the Blackpool-born star and we’re eager to see her next move.

This review was for Muso’s Guide.