Are you sitting down for this? Do you have some water nearby? Are you prepared for a shock? I hope so, because Snow Patrol have made and released a song that isn’t complete garbage.

It’s a startling move from the Irish/Scots band, who seemed content to see out their career writing apparently wholesome and worthy indie pop songs for sixteen-year-old girls to cry to, daytime radio to play every half an hour, and everyone else to studiously ignore. Obviously, since this is 2009, it has a synth in it. I wouldn’t have even known Snow Patrol were aware of what a synth is. On the face of it it shouldn’t work. ‘Just Say Yes’ is lyrically typical Snow Patrol fare, the type of cod, forced romance you might find on a Twilight film soundtrack. But the electronica leanings really lift it above the mundane into ‘quite good, actually, let’s listen again’ territory.

Gary Lightbody originally wrote the track for Gwen Stefani, who turned it down. Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls and Lewis Hamilton arm-candy fame later recorded a floaty, empty version, for her still awaiting release debut solo album. The song is a calculated gamble by the band, who will use this track to test the water as a new song on their upcoming singles collection. Lightbody’s delivery is typically heartfelt and yearning. Staggeringly, it pays off, though the band are probably a few steps away from nailing the dancefloors just yet. More of this, please.

This review was written for Muso’s Guide.