Everything about this Wolf Gang track screams opportunistic bollocks. There’s absolutely nothing original and the song gives an unnerving feeling that you’ve heard each hook before in a different, yet identical, song. It sounds like Scouting For Girls. It has an “oooooooooooooh wooooooooah” bit solely included to tick a box on a record label clipboard. I should hate it. Everyone should hate it.

But… I keep going back to it. It’s so catchy I can’t help having repeated listens. And whenever it’s on I get this stupidly massive, shit-eating grin all over my moronic face. The melody is firmly embedded in my brain and doesn’t seem to want to come out. I can’t chase it away. I’m sure it was even in my dream last night.

I can’t conclude that this is a good song – there’s far too much parpy, jaunty Keane going on for that to happen – but it is bloody catchy. I don’t recommend listening to it though. It might be the only song you hear for the rest of the year if you do that.

This review was written for Muso’s Guide.