Parents have complained to TMM that Cheryl Cole’s album 3 Words should have a parental guidance sticker on its cover to warn of the swearing contained in some of the songs.

Cole’s hit Heartbreaker with Black Eyed Peas rapper contains the phrase “fucking jerk” and on Make Me Cry Cole complains “I can’t take this shit much more”.

Usually when albums contain bad language a sticker warning of the adult content, but 3 Words does not. Nothing is mentioned about explicit content if you buy the album online from, although iTunes does warn of the explicit content and clean versions are available. When we checked at our local HMV store there was no warning on the CD there either.

Worried parent Ty Hayward contacted us to express their dissatisfaction with Cole and her record label Fascination’s efforts to make sure parents are aware of the bad language.

Hayward said: “I was very disappointed to hear that Mrs Cole seems to think that swearing is ‘cool’ and perhaps even ‘credible’.

“I will be returning the copy I bought for my 10 year daughter’s birthday, because I think this CD should contain some sort of sticker at least, warning of ‘words of an adult nature’, or similar, stuck on the front of each CD, so at least we the buyer has a chance to decide for ourselves whether to purchase or not before any young kids discover these words for themselves.

”What a sad day it is when Cheryl Cole, who is the country’s most idolised woman by many young girls, sends out the message that swearing is ‘cool’. Does she have an IQ problem? Or is she truly that naive? We have Christmas approaching. This CD will be bought for many young girls as presents – how awful to think some will have learnt to say “shit” and “f*ck” by Boxing Day.”

TMM spoke to mother-of-two Tonie Jascourt who very helpfully asked around some fellow parents for their thoughts.

Tonie told us: “A friend who has an 11 year old son was shocked and absolutely furious when I told her that there is a small amount of light swearing on this album. She had planned to buy the CD for her son this Christmas, and now she won’t.

“There’s plenty of time for her son to hear swearing in his life, and she doesn’t think buying a CD, knowing now that it contains swearing, would be responsible. She was equally angry at Cheryl Cole for swearing – referring to Cheryl’s mentoring role, and how she is looked up to by loads of kids – and at the record label for not giving parental warning.

“Another friend was appalled when I said that there is even the lightest of swearing on 3 Words. She is simply refusing to buy the album now that she knows this, having originally intended to do so. She has two girls, 12 and nine. She said that it’s the reason she hates rap music, why can’t people sing or speak without resorting to swearing? And for Cheryl Cole to be doing the same, albeit in a much more diluted form, is incredibly annoying for her.

“She is even more bothered by the record label’s irresponsible behaviour at not putting a parental warning. Had she bought the album, she’d have taken it straight back to the shop for a refund, and made a written complaint to the store and record label.”

A spokesperson from Fascination, Cheryl Cole’s record label, said: “I’ve been assured that the content of this album does not require a parental advisory sticker.

“If you do feel the album isn’t suitable for your daughter, please do return it and let me know if you have any trouble with the retailer.”

Here at TMM we don’t think that’s an adequate response and as a result we decided to create our own Cheryl Cole album cover to warn parents of what they’re buying.


And just to go one step further, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist of the kind of music parents should be making sure their kids listen to instead of Cheryl Kerl. You’re welcome.

What do you think? Should 3 Words have a parental advisory sticker? Should Cole be more responsible as a role model for children? Let us know below.