Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, has lashed out at people who criticise her for her weight.

The Blackpool-born singer-songwriter has admitted that she finds it difficult when people make comments about her appearance.

Hesketh posted on her Twitter last week: “ok getting really bored of people calling me fat online now… diet started yesterday, you don’t have to rub it in.”

Hesketh, who is far from overweight, has now spoken to Newsbeat to expand on her tweet.

She said: “It is really difficult. I guess just doing this job you become used to it whether it’s on the internet or in the papers, people saying things which simply aren’t true about you. I think the internet is just a place where if you make yourself known publicly on it you’re going to be open to people’s opinions. You’ve just got to be quite hard-skinned about it and try not to worry if someone says you’re fat or ugly or untalented – which they do.

“I guess you can go online and defend yourself but it feels like you’re sinking to their level and rising to their bait that way. So sometimes it’s actually worse to respond when you read things which you know aren’t true about you but you have to swallow them really.”

She then criticised the people who make the comments.

“I’m sure people who’re horrible about me wouldn’t come up to my face and say ‘you’re all these awful things’. You’ve got to remember that the people that are hiding behind the internet are just cowards and probably don’t have enough confidence themselves.”

Hesketh has previously taken breaks from Twitter to escape the mob having been one of the earlier ‘celebrity tweeters’.

Little Boots is a genuine talent who was worked hard to get where she is, moving her way through the industry over time. And as a real woman, rather than an unnatural stick insect type, we should commend her and hail her for being such a great positive role model to youngsters.

This article was written for TMM.