Bloody hell, we’re spoiling you a bit this morning. First Blood Red Shoes, now the Futureheads. Free music is quite literally coming out of our ears. Well, into our ears. But you get the point.

The Sunderland pop-punkers have made new track Struck Dumb, a preview cut from their upcoming fourth record, available to download for nowt.

Again it will cost you your e-mail address, so use the same one you’ve just made up for the BRS track  – or whatever it is you went for.

You can download the track via Clash Music.

Our initial verdict is that it’s pretty good. It’s typically catchy and angular (although it’s a horrible cliche to call the Futureheads angular they just are) and there’s a weird Bohemian Rhapsody acapella bit near the end of which we approve lots.

Ch-ch-check it out and come back and let us know what you think by using that comment box thing below this text stuff.

EDIT: We’ve just got a mailing list announcement through from ‘Ross and the lads xxx’ right this very minute announcing a couple of tiny club gigs just before Christmas. They will play the Lexington on December 14 and Moho! in Manchester on December 18 (otherwise known as Mad Friday) with loads and loads of bands, including The Reveres, The Leftrights, The Marivaux, The Suns and The Laureates and a couple of other The Something Or Other bands for good measure. Tickets for the Manchester gig are from here and Lexington tickets will be on sale to mailing list members – which you’ll be automatically become once you download the free track, crafty buggers bands are these days – tomorrow morning.

This article was written for TMM.