I am aware that I haven’t updated this old thing for a good few months. I moved house and still don’t have internet in my flat so this has been one of the outlets I’ve let slip in recent months, so for that I apologise. I’m sure you’ve all been checking the site religiously and have become more upset with each wasted visit. So I apologise.

Anyway – I only write because I have a thing to share. I’ve written a guest post for the excellent Wannabe Hacks site, which fills in some of the gaps in what I’ve been up to in recent weeks, as well as hopefully having some useful advice for graduates looking for journalism jobs.

You can read it here.

I’ve also been involved with No Nay Never, a new BFC fansite at which you can read me semi-regularly, as well as some other Clarets.

Eventually I’ll get round to sorting this place out. Wouldn’t hold your breath though.