Hello and welcome to Bigmouth Writes Again. Have a look around. Not too much as I’ve not finished building it yet. No, don’t go behind there.

Anyway. Happy new year and all those pleasantries.

Although the change of a year has always seemed quite an arbitrary time to make “life changes” and “better yourself” and all that bobbins, it’s only natural to do so.

So that’s what this is. I haven’t been writing enough. I’ve now been in my job a year and although I’m not yet looking to move on, I do want to do more. I’m involved in various projects already but feel I need a place to vent my fury, air my rage, shout my mouth off…you get the picture. This place will hopefully save me money on therapy. God knows, I need it.

Obviously the usual disclaimers are needed in order to prevent idiots from getting their knickers in a twist – everything on this site is my opinion, mostly based on nothing but what’s in my head. Don’t come here for facts or statistics or other boring shite like that. Oh yeah, and I swear. I know, I know, it’s terrible, but I do. So live with it.

Eventually this place will be professional, somewhere I’m not ashamed to put on a CV/bio, but for now, this will do.