Okay, so I’m a few weeks late to the party on this one, but I never got my head around all the stick the Biffy Clyro fans who were upset at the X Factor winner covering one of the band’s songs got.

Many of Horror was nowhere near the best track the group has ever committed to record, but it was one of the brighter cuts from recent “MAKE US FAMOUS PLEASE” album Only Revolutions. After 15 years or so of knocking about in the rock and roll wildernesses, you couldn’t really begrudge them a shot at the mainstream.

But perhaps Matt Cardle’s version of the song – bafflingly retitled When We Collide – was a step too far. Not only did it change the name of the track for no apparent reason (would the word HORROR put off the tweens and certified morons that are the programme’s target market?), but it made it a saccharine weepfest, rather than the emotional rocker it was intended to be by the Scots.

Which got me thinking. How would I feel if one of my favourite bands gave permission for The X Factor winner to do a shit cover of it, therefore making millions of people think it was never actually their song, making them a few quid but ruining any reputation they might have had? I would be pissed off at least, gutted at worst.

If the song in question was Roseability by Idlewild (the only track I’ve ever been tempted to get a tattoo of the words of), I’d probably do something CRAZY against the man like START AN ONLINE PETITION or something. I wouldn’t be happy. Most of us like our favourite things to be a bit of a secret from everyone else. It’s no fun when you go to see a band you’ve liked for ten years and because they’ve had a song used on a car advert the venue is full of people nattering among themselves instead of watching the act play their older, usually better, material.

And it’s no fun when the author you’ve liked since their first book starts doing documentaries about sausages. It’s no fun at all.

So I can kind of see where the complaining Biffy Clyro fans are coming from. But then if you’re a rabid fan of a band who wear pink jeans on stage, frankly you deserve everything you get.

Well, as a defence of them, that didn’t go so well *cancels plans for this to be a regular feature*