My name is Jamie Smith and I am addicted to the song Once by Diana Vickers.

Phew, that felt good. It’s a few days since I ‘came out’ to my followers on Twitter about my being a fan of said song and to be honest, I’ve only just got over the unnecessarily cruel reaction I got.

Let me explain myself. This is not my fault. That may seem like I’m passing the blame, but it’s true, it really is.

It’s Popjustice’s fault. Let me explain. A while ago, the music mogul chap did a piece for his excellent pop website about the best pop singles of 2010.

As I spent much of 2010 without internet access, due to my own spoddyness and the rubbishness of every single internet service provider on the face of the earth, I missed a lot of the great music that was released last year.

So I looked at the list. And I subscribed to the list on Spotify. And then I listened to it. And then it happened.

It was when I first heard the song Once by Diana Vickers. I’m quite pleased I’d managed to avoid it, since I only started watching The X Factor again last winter and avoided a lot of it due to having a life occasionally (I was watching Arcade Fire when the semi-final was on, so I do like some good music, just so you know…), as if I hadn’t, I’d be even more of a gibbering wreck by now.

Since I first started listening to Once by Diana Vickers, there have been very few moments when I have not been listening to Once by Diana Vickers. It is starting to affect my life in a major way. I wake up and Once by Diana Vickers is in my head. I try to go to sleep…and Once by Diana Vickers is in my head. At most times of the day, Once by Diana Vickers is in my head, otherwise it’s in my ears, as I’m listening to it.

It’s not even a great song. I mean, sure, the piano twinkly bit at the start and the end is a nice bookend, and her vocal is lovely and breathy and honest and believable, and the lyric is nice and hooky and basic and memorable, but apart from all those great things it’s just okay.

So why can’t I get it out of my sodding head? I don’t know. Ask Popjustice.