I have cured my addiction to Once by Diana Vickers, you will be pleased to hear. Unfortunately, it has been replaced with a fresh addiction, for the new single by Glasvegas.

Now, me and Glasvegas have a bit of history I should probably share before we go any further. When they first appeared, I went a teensy bit over the top in praise for them.

I wrote reams of rubbish about how the NME had finally got one right, how Glasvegas were going to change the world, how the sun shone out of their arse, etc etc, you get the picture.

I even carried out a blatant misuse of my power on the magazine I was editing for the Students’ Union, Degrees North, slapping the band on the cover for one of the four issues we produced. I thought it was a good idea. Nobody else did. I was in charge. I won. None of my minions has ever stopped reminding me of it. I should have them killed, really.

It was a bad idea. Nobody else in the north-east of the country, let alone at the University of Sunderland, had seemed to have heard of the band, let alone liked them enough to pick up a magazine with them on the cover, proclaiming them to be the best new band in Britain (which they were, definitely, I am insistent on that point).

Anyway, I’ve lost my thread. Glasvegas are back. YAY! I think I loved them from the first bar I heard of any of their music – it was one of those. So I was surprised when I *hated* the new single the first time I heard it.

All that came through was some naff electro-guitar thing, like they’d noticed the critical praise lavished upon Foals this last year and gone ‘ooh yeah, let’s have a bit of that’. But then I listened to it again. And again. And then a few times in a row. And now I love it. Magic, eh?

It’s got all the old Glasvegas reference points (James hates himself, you’re great etc) and the sound seems somehow more beefed up, the bass is throatier, the new female drummer is thumpier, bashier and smashier and it’s all glorious lovely, even in the breakdown bit where James mutters away to himself for a bit as if he’s forgotten he’s supposed to be MAKING A HIT RECORD COME BACK TO US JAMES, COME BACK, STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT.

Ahem. Anyway, I’ve not done this track justice at all – I’m rushing because How I Met Your Mother is on – but it bodes well for the album, which has a title so staggeringly awful/amazing (I haven’t decided yet, will let you know when I do) it surely suggests James has spent the last year gakked up to his massive fringe. As the rumours say. Allegedly.