About the site

Bigmouth Writes Again is a hilarious (yes it is hilarious, shut up) pun on a Smiths classic.

The site is intended to be a sounding board for the author, but as he’s just made it up he can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to be. Yet. So bare with him.

It is likely to end up as a place for Jamie to vent his spleen on a variety of topics most likely including music, film, tv, the news and generally culturey stuff. Oh yeah and as he is a (sort-of) journalist OBVIOUSLY he has to have an opinion on the future of the industry, so there might be a bit of that as well. Can’t wait for that bit.

Before Jamie got a job, BWA was something else and acted as a place to show off published articles – an online portfolio thing. It won’t be that any more, but the old articles are kicking around so can still be found by those who go looking for them.


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